Hard Seas

Today, I released my 2nd EP of original music.  The EP is called ‘Hard Seas’ and the songs are closer to me than anything I have written, to date.  To get straight to the point…Not many people know this about me, but I deal with Anxiety.  That’s what these songs are about.  What I go through, how it makes me feel, how it makes me think and how it translates to my personal life.  Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy.  These 5 songs are stemmed from so many feelings, while dealing with Anxiety.  Love, fear, anger, frustration, pain…etc.

In the last year, for reasons I don’t need to get into, my anxiety went to places I thought I would never see or deal with.  While trying to figure out ways to deal with it, I would write songs about it.  That was a very therapeutic and painful process, but I needed it.  There were times I would face it and other times I would feel like giving up and not moving forward.  Thankfully, I am married to an incredible girl who has a gift for pulling me back into feeling human again.  I know there are going to be days ahead that will be hard and days that will be easy.  I want to continue to keep moving forward and take each day as it comes.  I know people have it way worse than me and some have it easier.  Either way, it’s sucks.

If you deal with what I do, on whatever level…I hope you find something in your life that pushes you through the day.  I hope you have people in your life that will help you through that day.  I hope you find a passion that overshadows the anxiety.  It seems impossible, but it’s not and it’s worth finding.  God bless you.

If you would like to check out my new EP, you can do so on my Bandcamp page.  My EP is up as “Name your price.”  Take it, leave it or pay for it.  I don’t care.  If you do enjoy it, please spread the word for me.  Thanks for reading and (hopefully) listening.


Hard Seas

New EP Coming Soon!

Hey folks!  I’m happy to say that my 2nd EP ‘Hard Seas’ will be released on April 4th.  You will be able to download it from ethanluck.bandcamp.com as “Pay What You Want.”  More info soon!

Hard Seas

Ice Portraits

Earlier this Winter, I started to notice that a layer of ice would form over my Dog’s water bowl outside. I would pull it off and toss it in the yard. Then, one day, I held it up to my Dog’s face and took a few photos. I was so excited with the results! I’ve taken a few of people as well. I intend on doing this every Winter from now on. Try it out! Thin-ish ice makes a good filter!

- Ethan

20140206 153039  Ice Portraits

20140206 153053  Ice Portraits